Saturday, December 18, 2010


December 18 – What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

My life is not boring to say the least.  But it's not usually all that exciting either.  I balance being a Rockin Mommy and a Super Fantastic Wife, while trying to be a decent friend and squeeze some time in for myself.  I've never tried sky diving or got a tattoo or anything exciting like that.  So don't expect my answer to the question to be too thrilling.   

Since my darling Clover will be three next year I am thinking that I may try to go back to school.  It wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do when I was working and going to school at the same time while trying to be a wife.  So I know when I do go back my juggling will have to improve.  Nothing is set in stone yet.  So if the time isn't right, it's okay with me for the time being.  But I think I may give it a try. 

One of the things I tried this year and was successful at, was dropping some lbs!  During the end of 2009 and through the year of 2010, I made it a priority to get into better shape and take care of myself.  I successfully lost 30 lbs and kept it off.  I haven't set a goal or anything. but it is something that I worked for all year and want to continue working towards. 

I try little things all the time.  I have tried lots of craft projects in 2010.  Once I have mastered it however, I tend to move on.  I did scrabble tiles and stamped washer necklaces.  I worked on my sewing skills and made Clover a nap blanket.  And every moment I can, I try to knit.  I love knitting.  I love that it helps reduce my stress level and I get something pretty at the end.  I lovey love love making baby blankets.  It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that one of my blankies is keeping a little someone warm. 

One of the current knitting projects that I am currently trying to finish is the Hub's Link/Zelda blanket.  It started out as a small design but has grown into something that may actually be big enough to cover the whole world.  But how cool would that be?  To know that the whole world is snuggling under your knit Zelda blanket? 

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