Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5 Uninterrupted Minutes

December 15 – Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

Well, I am totally screwed then because there is no way that I would ever get 5 straight minutes of uninterrupted writing time.  With that being said, lets see how far I get...

Starting off the year, us girls took a road trip to Ikea.  We climbed into the truck and off we went.  I was a little worried because Clover hadn't been on a whole lot of road trips.  It was a very successful trip minus the fitty fit from Clover after not taking a nap until 4 pm.  We only got lost once because I can't listen to garmin.  We tried Tex-Wasabi (Guy's Place in Sactown).  It was bar food.  We were a bit disappointed, but made up for that with cinnamon rolls and hot dogs from Ikea. 

In Feb we took Clover to the park and got some excellent pictures of her playing.

March was busy.  Hubs switched jobs and we all started juggling with the adjustments.  But we made it and we lived.  March was also our big family Disneyland trip.  We had a small party at the house for her fantastical second birthday.  Then we were headed down south.  So much fun packed into two days and an evening. 

June was our carnival party to celebrate our birthdays.  Our family and friends stopped by to hop in the pool and enjoy some cotton candy!  We also took an unplanned day trip to Disneyland.  We left a little after 5:30 am.  How someone can be so excited and exhausted at the same time is beyond me but as soon as we pulled into the hotel parking lot we were bouncing out of our seats. 

K in all reality my five minutes was up right around here.  But I can't just leave the post half finished so here is my year in review.

July and August are kind of a blur.

September we went on an adventure through Yosemite and ended up on the other side at Mono Lake.  We also had our only camping trip for the year.  Lot's of dirt...lots of fun. 

October was busy.  It started out kind of sad with the passing of Hub's Aunt.  We miss her.  We also had another Ikea trip and finished out the month with our last Disneyland trip.  This time we took Hubs and he actually had fun, and a Churro.  We picked up a Hatter Hat for Hubs to wear for Halloween and at the last minute he had to fly out to go to training.  Trick or Treating with out him was kind of sad.  But we invited people over so we wouldn't think about it. 

November had Turkey Day!  It was different this year without Hub's Aunt but not necessarily bad.  At the end of the month we welcomed our new baby Nephew!   

December has been a pretty good month so far.  Getting ready for Christmas has been delightful with Clover.  She is older this year and has fallen in love with Christmas lights.  We have been down the lighted lanes and she loves em! 

K, so this challenge isn't fair because really my five minutes was really up about ten minutes ago.  But there is my super quick year in review.  It's been such a busy year that I feel that if I went into anymore detail that this would have turned into an ebook. 

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