Monday, December 13, 2010

The Little Red-Headed Ball of Fury!

It started as a meltdown because I couldn't pick her up at the time.  Couldn't not wouldn't.  I was juggling a hot sheet pan full of mini gingerbread men.  At that exact moment she felt the need to be in my arms.  I asked her to back up a bit because I had a hot pan.  She could care less.  She wanted up.  So the meltdown turned into fit which led to an epic battle of wills.

I won the first round.  I sat down next to her on the kitchen floor and tried to wait out the fit.  She progressively got louder.  And I sat there while she screamed at me to stand up and hold her then she wanted to lay in her bed.  I sat down and held her.  She wasn't happy with that.  She fell asleep.  I held her and sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

Daddy came home.  She woke up and picked up the fit right where she left off.  At one point we contemplated driving to the local Children's hospital.  There is no way she could scream this much and not have something wrong with her.  Hubs tried, I tried.  Everything we tried just seemed to make her mad.  She was red.  Her ears were red, her head was red. 

She had a bath and calmed down a bit...but not much.  As I put on her pajamas the screaming continued.  She said that she wanted to lay in her bed.  So we laid down.  Which is what she wanted in the first place.  The sniffles subsided and she quit screaming.  Five seconds later she declared...

"I'm Happy now"

It must be really hard to be two and three quarters.  I say that because sometimes it is hard to be the mom of a two and three quarter year old.     

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