Thursday, December 16, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

December 16 – How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

I <3 my friends and have even dedicated an entire blog post about them here.  But that doesn't mean I still wont write about them. 

I have a lot of friends that lead by example.  They are great friends and experiencing that just makes me want to be a great friend back.  Friendship is definitely something that has to go in both directions.  For years I felt like I was the one that was giving. Now I feel like sometimes that I am the one that comes up a little short.  But that's the thing about wonderful friends.  They understand.     

So you can be Woody and I can be Buzz, or You can be Buzz and I will be Woody.  You can pick.  Doesn't matter much to me.Which means that we will be here forever because we're both too nice and can never make a decision together. 

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