Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nom nom nom

There isn't a picture of my Traditional After Thanksgiving Breakfast. a.k.a pie, this year.  I forgot.  But if you want a picture from last year here you go.  So then I got to thinking about what it is that I love about having pie for breakfast.  Yes, there is the whole "I'm an adult so I can have pie for breakfast if I want" attitude but I think it was something deeper than that.  And then there is the fact that it is delicious (my Mom does make some rockin pies).  So I started thinking and came to the conclusion that I love pumpkin custard.

So I started looking at recipes figuring I would just make pie filling and I started getting a little discouraged because I was missing some ingredients.  So then I came across this recipe at Nom Nom Paleo for Pumpkin Coconut Maple Custard Cups.  I've dabbled in Paleo here and there and have loved every recipe I have tried.

So I actually had all the ingredients in my cupboard!  Yay!  Okay most of them.  I didn't have Grade B syrup so I used Grade A but I didn't quite have enough so I added a little maple sugar which I bought when I was switching sweeteners.  I also used a whole small can of Pumpkin puree.  I looked at the can after I measured out the 3/4 cup and I couldn't justify throwing away the rest so I threw it all in there.  I also doubled all the spices.  I like things spicy, just in case you didn't know.  


I didn't have 10 ramekins.  Actually I don't even own A ramekin.  So I had to improvise.  What did I have?  A muffin tin and some muffin cups.  I still did the water bath because I have a pan large enough to fit my muffin tin.  I was a little worried that they would cook faster being that the pan was metal but I actually had to cook them a little bit longer.

It was agonizing smelling all that loveliness but waiting for them to cool down!  

So I had one for breakfast...okay I had two.  And they were so gooooood!  Just like eating a piece of pie for breakfast only slightly healthier.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Smiling Just Looking At The Wall

We are still in the midst of the Great Painting Project of 2012.

This project reminds me of when I was in high school I wanted to study Interior Design.  I found a project I wanted to work on and was very interested in the study of color and how it effects our moods. I even went as far as to use my boyfriends news group account to do a survey.  At the time I didn't know about the internets love of proofreading, so needless to say there were some spelling errors.  Also, in my teenage brain thinking I figured that posting to multiple groups would get me multiple responses.  Nope, I accidentally got my boyfriends account banned.  The same account his dad used.  Yeah twenty something years later...okay not quite twenty years but it's been awhile and I still feel bad.  Good thing I married that boy or I might have had to shell out for a new news account.

Well, the color is on the walls and they are beautiful!  It went from a dark beige to a light pale yellow.  Lemonade Yellow from Benjamin Moore to be exact.  It's bright and sunny and everything I wanted it to be.

Just looking at the wall makes me happy!

Like Bigfoot

Yesterday we all somehow managed to curl up in our bed at the same time and fall asleep for a little mid-Sunday nap.  It was magical and glorious and kind of like a sighting of Bigfoot because that NEVER ever happens.

As great as it was, my darling Clover didn't fall asleep last night until well after midnight.  I know because she was trying to talk to me through the hole in the door.  The door knob is not there because they are in the process of being painted.  So because of the late bed time, she is still sleeping.  Which once again is like a sighting of Bigfoot because that also never happens.  This girl is usually up at 6 regardless of what time she went to bed.  And actually she was up at good o 6:45 this morning.  I went back to bed with her so she wouldn't wake her Dad up with her coughing since they are still both sick.  She was wide awake and wanted to watch Tinkerbell.  I agreed to put it on but she had to try to lay still for a bit and if that didn't work I would cave.  It worked and she is still knocked out.  It's a weird feeling sitting at the table all by myself and it's quiet.  It wont be for long though because once she wakes up and realizes that her Dad went to work without telling her good-bye (he did she wouldn't wake up) there is going to be a nuclear size meltdown.  

AAAaaaand She's up!  And, she is telling me she wants to cuddle.  We talked and agreed to FaceTime Dad so it looks like we have avoided that meltdown for now.

Back to sitting at the kitchen window...there is a blue jay trying to break into my truck.  No really there is.  Probably because I laughed at him last week because he was trying to break into the neighbors car and then when that didn't work he tried to bust into their garage.  I'm not sure what he wants in there.  The gps got stolen last year but he is still at it.  He wants in my truck really bad.

I think these are signs that this is going to be an interesting Monday.    

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh My

Oh goodness, am I in a funk.  Soon the house will be finished and I just need to keep telling myself that.  There is so much more to do.  The to do list is getting longer and longer and we are crazy for doing all of this before the holidays!

Usually we decorate the weekend after Turkey day.  That is of course after we take a day of rest.  There is nothing to decorate right now since everything is everywhere.  I'm not sure if this is why but something has put me in a grand o funk.  I hope I am not catching what my two have.  I really don't want to get sick during all of this.

Maybe a pomegranate will help me feel better.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trying To Silence the Inner Monologue

Thank goodness for spell and grammar check.  It's late and my brain is fried so as I am typing I am ever aware of that little squiggly red line.

I am having one of those nights where once again it is quiet but I can't seem to shut my brain up.  It just wants to keep talking to fill in the silence that has fallen over the house.  I should have the tv on and be knocked out by now.

Clover still has the last bit of her flu and Hubby has now picked something up.  So lots of tea for the hubs and cuddles for the lil one and cuddles for the hubs and ice water or the lil one.  We are also midway through our house project.  Even though we have been in this house for about ten years we haven't tackled the great room with the vaulted ceilings because it just seemed like it was too big of a job.  We are currently working on that with some help of a contractor.  He's been wonderful and is very detail oriented.  It's all going to look so wonderful when it is done.  I just need to keep reminding myself of that.  The end result with far outweigh the inconveniences of the last three weeks.

One of them being the loss of Thanksgiving.  We usually host both families at our house for Turkey Day x2!  Both sides are a little two big to combine into one large party so we have lunch with one and dinner with the other.  Full Thanksgiving spread times two.  It's a good thing I love to cook!  This year we thought the project would be done in time.  It is not going to be done in time.  This didn't hit me until yesterday.  I was on the verge of tears as I called everyone to tell them we weren't going to be able to host this year.  I know it's only one day and our house is no where near ready to host anyone.  And I'm not talking about a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving kind of a host.  I'm talking about tape everywhere and no plates on the light sockets kind of a mess.  I have to mourn the loss of my day.  I miss everyone.  I now understand why Clover took it so hard.  I didn't understand last night while she was in tears but I get it now.  We both had high expectations and now that we have canceled we have to deal with that.

There are so many more things I need to update on and perhaps I will get a chance to do that tomorrow.  For now I just wanted to get some sentences out so maybe my brain will finally shut up so I can rest.  I do feel a bit sleepy.  I just need to keep looking past the trees to the forrest or however that saying goes.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crust and Pixie Dust

Things have been crazy around here.  More crazy than usual.  And what does the Universe hand me while in the midst of all this craziness?  A sick kid.  Just for the record, I prefer chocolate.  She seems to be in better spirits today despite the early morning puke session.  

But even during all of this, there are still little moments that do nothing else but make you laugh. I am very fortunate that my lil Clover is the funniest person I know.  Seriously she is hilarious.  I want to be more like her and she is four!

Today she ran up and threw her fist up at me and yelled "Crust!"  Then she sat there for a minute and then told me to fist bump it.  

I stood there confused.  

"Moooom...bump it!  Then you say "Crust...and...Pixie Dust!"  


I asked her what she meant by crust?  "You know mom like cracker crust!  Cracker crust and Pixie dust!  But I just shortened it to just crust."  

It took me a minute to realize that she had watched The Great Fairy Rescue the night before and they had a cheer.  Except theirs goes Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.  I tried to tell her what it really was but she was already convinced that it's crust.  

So now randomly during the day she runs up and fist bumps me and yells "Crust and Pixie Dust!"  and then flitters off.  

Today wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.    

Friday, November 9, 2012

We're Brainstorming!

In the beginning of October we were fortunate enough to catch the Imagination Movers In Concert!  

Sorry my pictures aren't that great.

Clover sat on the edge and got to High 5 Rich.  She was so excited!

Even though we had to drive a ways to catch the show it was well worth it!  If these guys come anywhere near you go and see them!  They really do give it their all!  Hubby and I were very impressed by the show.  They are so energetic!  They encourage the kids to get up and dance.  They are out in the audience while they play their songs.  Not just the first few rows either.  They are up in the balcony and all over the place.  We all love the show so it was very exciting to see them in concert.  They did not dissapoint.  

Clover had a blast!  She was dancing all over the place and singing all her favorite songs.  At one point they added a bit from Jump by Van Halen and I got a pretty good laugh from it.  

Wowza We've Been Busy

I keep wondering why it's been so long since I have posted.  Looking back October was very light post wise.  Then while checking out the pictures on my phone it dawned on me that we have been busier than I thought.

I'm not sure if we have been busier than normal or just plain busy over all.  We always seem to have something going on around here between the three of us.

It's not slowing down for November either.  Lot's of stuff in the works plus Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Proper Lunch

We decided that since Daddy was gone for the day we were going to eat in the living room.  Something we don't normally do so it was a special treat.  She was at the coffee table with her noodles and I sat down on the couch with my cup.

"Is that all you are having for lunch?" She asked me.  "Coffee?!?"  Clover did that thing with her eyes where it looks like this O.o

It was true that I did have a coffee cup but it was holding some Miso soup that bought from the asian market.

I showed her that it was soup.  She wasn't satisfied with that answer.

"MOM!"  I could feel that I was about to be scolded.  "THAT is not a proper lunch!"

Then she went to the cupboard to find me something to add to my lunch.  She came back with a piece of pita bread and two slices of dehydrated pineapple.

"There!"  she said satisfied with what she brought me.  "Now you can eat your lunch!"

I did what I was told and ate my proper lunch.  The pineapple went surprisingly well with my Miso soup.