Friday, November 9, 2012

We're Brainstorming!

In the beginning of October we were fortunate enough to catch the Imagination Movers In Concert!  

Sorry my pictures aren't that great.

Clover sat on the edge and got to High 5 Rich.  She was so excited!

Even though we had to drive a ways to catch the show it was well worth it!  If these guys come anywhere near you go and see them!  They really do give it their all!  Hubby and I were very impressed by the show.  They are so energetic!  They encourage the kids to get up and dance.  They are out in the audience while they play their songs.  Not just the first few rows either.  They are up in the balcony and all over the place.  We all love the show so it was very exciting to see them in concert.  They did not dissapoint.  

Clover had a blast!  She was dancing all over the place and singing all her favorite songs.  At one point they added a bit from Jump by Van Halen and I got a pretty good laugh from it.  

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