Monday, November 26, 2012

Like Bigfoot

Yesterday we all somehow managed to curl up in our bed at the same time and fall asleep for a little mid-Sunday nap.  It was magical and glorious and kind of like a sighting of Bigfoot because that NEVER ever happens.

As great as it was, my darling Clover didn't fall asleep last night until well after midnight.  I know because she was trying to talk to me through the hole in the door.  The door knob is not there because they are in the process of being painted.  So because of the late bed time, she is still sleeping.  Which once again is like a sighting of Bigfoot because that also never happens.  This girl is usually up at 6 regardless of what time she went to bed.  And actually she was up at good o 6:45 this morning.  I went back to bed with her so she wouldn't wake her Dad up with her coughing since they are still both sick.  She was wide awake and wanted to watch Tinkerbell.  I agreed to put it on but she had to try to lay still for a bit and if that didn't work I would cave.  It worked and she is still knocked out.  It's a weird feeling sitting at the table all by myself and it's quiet.  It wont be for long though because once she wakes up and realizes that her Dad went to work without telling her good-bye (he did she wouldn't wake up) there is going to be a nuclear size meltdown.  

AAAaaaand She's up!  And, she is telling me she wants to cuddle.  We talked and agreed to FaceTime Dad so it looks like we have avoided that meltdown for now.

Back to sitting at the kitchen window...there is a blue jay trying to break into my truck.  No really there is.  Probably because I laughed at him last week because he was trying to break into the neighbors car and then when that didn't work he tried to bust into their garage.  I'm not sure what he wants in there.  The gps got stolen last year but he is still at it.  He wants in my truck really bad.

I think these are signs that this is going to be an interesting Monday.    

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