Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chicken Butt

The following conversation took place between 12:30pm and 1:30pm

Clover:  "Gwramma...You know what?

Grandma:  "What?"

Clover:  "Chicken Butt!"

Giggling ensues.

Grandma totally didn't see that coming.  This is one of those moments where I feel my job as a parent is the best in the world.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've been on the receiving end of many of these sorts of conversations.  This however was the first time I had ever been a parent on this side of the looking glass.  In the end...all I could do was laugh, nod my head and feel myself turn red.

I ran into a very sweet lady that I used to work with.  We were both shopping and I spotted her so I stopped to chat.  We talked about the place we used to work at and how they are currently going through a rough spot.  We talked about how big Clover is getting.  And then my darling daughter decided to hijack the conversation.  Which is just further proof that she is her father's daughter!

"Can I ask you a question....You see my question is...I went to a birthday party and this naughty boy took my candy!  and my dad said he is going to kick his butt!"

I had to translate some parts.  It never occurred to me to translate something that wasn't so embarrassing.  I'm sure my friend has heard her fair share of these stories.  This gal is someone that I looked up too while I was working and helped me settle in before I decided to leave when I found out I was pregnant.  She was in a way my mentor.  And here is my daughter telling her that her Daddy is gonna knock some heads.  On one hand it's cute and on the other I don't want her thinking that we are all about the violence.  

I just sat there and turned five shades of red.  Which is normal for me.  Whenever I feel any sort of emotion I tend to turn red.

In the long run this is probably the least embarrassing thing that she will say.  I know that there are many a stories on the way in which my daughter embarrasses me.  This is probably the first time that it happened with someone who wasn't family.  I just thought I would share now that the redness has subsided.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Most Recent Moment of Wonder

I have moments where I do things and then I sit there and wonder why I did them.  At the time these things made some sort of sense to me.  And then I have the general random thought.  So the list for today...


*Why I thought letting Clover have the whole bag of chocolate was a "good idea"? (It wasn't just in case you were wondering)

*Why am I so dang tired?

*Where the hell did I put the keys THIS TIME? (I lost them in the truck for five minutes.  I knew I had them...I opened the truck.  They were on the OTHER side of the carseat?)

*Why do I bother...

*Where is the hamster? (not next to the keys)

*What people think of me?  (I don't really care but I do wonder from time to time)

*If my friends know how much I truly appreciate/love them?

*Am I the only one who likes my cooking?

*Why do I feel slightly guilty about not helping that lady at the zoo who spilled all her stuff even though she had two grown kids helping her?

*If the "timed" air freshener in the bathroom is trying to kill me?  (I am really convinced that it is)

*Why I put so much effort when certain people don't feel the need to give a little back?

*On the same note...Am I giving back enough to those who contribute to my life?

*When will Darren be touring? (you knew it was in there somewhere didn't you?)

*What are the chances of me finding mini eggs on sale after Easter?

*Is my Diet Dr. Pepper still on the counter?

*Why didn't I buy a 12 pack?

*Why do I convince myself that I am over things when I am not?

*Out of the whole bookstore I came home with not one but two books with the name "Chicken Butt" in the title?  Really?  REALLY

So there is my giant bucket of RANDOM.  And since tomorrow is Easter Sunday you can draw bunny ears on the basket and pretend it's your Easter basket.  If you are nice then I might include some sugar coated egg shaped chocolatey goodness!  That is if I decide to share before I eat the rest of the bag!

Happy Easter Everyone!  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

It's been one of those weeks where I feel as if I have hardly sat down but I can't exactly say what I have done.  Lot's of ups and downs.  I have had a lot of thoughts up there in the noggin that I will have to eventually get out.

I need to keep a journal in the truck since I seem to do a lot of thinking in there and the thoughts fly out as soon as I open the truck door.  So my thoughts for right now...

Today is Good Friday.

My daughter was born on Good Friday.  

We went to the Zoo.

Then we had a cake pop from Starbucks to celebrate.

Definitely a good Friday.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Reverb's Back

I skipped Reverb's March prompt.  It was related to death and I was too scared to go anywhere near that topic.  Not right now.  Not in March.  March is my happy month.  The month my lil Baby turned the big 3.  So I decided to keep on rollin and start on April.  April's Reverb 11's prompt is

What's Blossoming?

Do you see all that hair!?!

It grew overnight I am convinced.  It went from fuzzy head to full blown curly locks.  I have no idea what to do with it.  She is very resistant to me doing anything with it.

UNLESS...It's Daddy.  She will LET Daddy comb it after bath.  LETS.  I may or not be a bit bitter about the fact that she puts up a major fight with me if I come near her with a comb but she willingly sits on her Daddy's lap and watches cat videos on YouTube while he lovingly combs out the tangles.  There is only a little bitterness.  It's really sweet.  I love to watch them talk about the cats that they are watching during their special time together.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Where You Can Hear Me Squeal

So, I have this friend that I tease (lovingly of course) because when she gets really excited she literally bounces up and down in her seat.  It's cute and slightly infectious.  I mention this because I am not really a seat bouncer.  Well, here is your payback Lissa!


I watched this today with my mac book two inches from my face. (you can ask Tee)  I am totally excited!  Like used 107 exclamation points excited!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like bounce up and down in my seat excited!  I have to say that I love that he edits his own videos!  

I can't wait for the new album or the tour!  I'm not even sure if he is touring anywhere near me but I will be there.  I already have the sitter lined up and I'm not even sure of the when or where.

The waiting part sucks!  So here I sit patiently.  And while I'm waiting I might as well open up this nice cold bottle of Raspberry Mead.    

Thursday, April 14, 2011

When You're Addicted

One great thing about being home, besides sleeping in my own having a decent cup of coffee.  Right now I am rockin Donut Shop blend and let me tell you it is yummy.  Now I know that some hotels try.  But they are all plagued by the "hotel coffee" stigma.  Even the gourmet coffee blend pouches in some of the fancier rooms we have been in have left me longing for my coffee maker at home.  It's just not any good.  But here is the thing...even when it's bad...I still drink it.  Why?

Cuz I'm addicted.

Even if it's completely horrid,  I can guarantee you that I will make it at least half way through.  I don't even consider myself a coffee snob because I will drink anything.  And yes, I love me some Starbucks.  Not only because it's delicious but also because the cup of coffee I get here in town is the exact same cup of coffee I get on the road while traveling.  I get excited when we stay at hotels that brew Starbucks in the lobby because I know that my comfort in a cup is just a short walk away.

And just like that the 100th post of this blog has come and gone.  I should totally celebrate!  Maybe I will treat myself to another cup of coffee.        

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wind In My Hair, Sand In My Face

I have moments where for no rhyme or reason I dig my heels in and don't move.  This was one of those rare (let's just pretend here) moments.

I was being stubborn.  We drove all this way and we were so close.  All I wanted to do was sit on the beach.  To sit and watch the waves crash on the shore.  To relive that feeling of being at peace, one more time.  Just for a moment before our lives kicked up again and we get swept away by the current.

The weather.  Well.  Mother Nature had her own plans.

To use the word "windy" would be an understatement.  Try "gail force freakin winds".

And there I was with my pop up tent trying to sit on the beach.  We got it set up and I stubbornly sat in it.  Partially because if I got up it would have blown away, literally.  Hubs made the best of it and bought a kite.  He got it up in the air with no trouble at all and kept it up there for the twenty minutes that we braved the weather.

I was disappointed.   Heartbroken that the weather had put a damper on the one thing I wanted to do and mad at myself for dragging my Hubs and darling Clover out in the wind.  Clover couldn't play with her new sand bucket because every time she got low to the ground the wind blew sand in her face.  She had been waiting so patiently to use it since we picked it out at the store.

I sucked it up and ordered Hubs to take Clover and head to the safe harbor that is Rojo Grande.  He went to argue and I dismissed it.  It was my fault that we were out there.  I was the one to clean up and pack up.  I reeled the kite in one turn at a time.  Fighting the wind with every turn of the kite handle.  All while holding the tent down with my foot and half of my body.  The winds were so strong that had I moved my body the tent would have been gone.  I later used this to my advantage.  Since the tent was brand new I had no idea how to get it back in the bag.  Let alone how to collapse the darn thing.  So I grabbed everything in the picnic bag and threw it over my shoulder.  I then held on to the tent and let the wind help me carry it to the truck.  I literally used the tent as a sail to help get me and all our stuff up the hill.  Turning to get back towards the truck was a little tricky.  So there was my stubborn butt tent sailing my happy go lucky self up the beach.  Four people passed me.  How many helped me?  Not a damn one!  I had it all under control and probably would have refused help but it would have been nice had someone at least asked!  Two of them actually stopped to make jokes about me taking my tent for a walk.  I smiled and laughed them off.  Thanks humanity for your help.  As soon as I was near, Hubs came to help me wrangle every thing.  When I got to Rojo it was much easier to assess the tent situation and figure out how to collapse it.  I couldn't figure out how it fit back in the bag so we threw it in the back seat.  Once in the nice warm cab of the truck we could laugh about our adventure and at the seagulls that refused to move out of the way of Rojo Grande.

The spa back at the hotel helped us shed the layers upon layers of sand that seemed to stick to every inch of us.  I can only imagine the nice sand pile that is currently sitting at the bottom.  The warm water seemed to melt away the misadventure.  Even in the retelling of the story I am still a bit mad at myself.  I guess it's just one of those moments where I am supposed to "live and learn"  I guess next time I should take a look around a bit before I dig my heels in.  If to do nothing other than make sure I wont get blown away.              

Thursday, April 7, 2011

8 hours

In 8 more work hours, The hubs will officially be on vacation!  Since we haven't had a vacation since early October, I am very excited.  In a few short days I will be chillin with my toes in some real beach sand.  Even if it's only for a day or two at this point I don't care.  We just need to get away!

I am going to jump on the weather bandwagon since I am sure that everyone is blogging about it's crazy make no sensish ways!  Last night we enjoyed a nice night on the yard.  It was nice and cool.  We played tag and had a popsicle.  Today we have been held up inside due to thunderstorms and even a bit of hail.  I brought Clover outside to watch the "ice balls" bounce off the freshly mowed lawn.  She really enjoyed eating one or two or five.

I think that I might spend this weekend looking for a nice spring dress to accompany me on my beach trip.  I am loyal to my jeans and tees but for some reason feel the need to wear a nice breezy dress to sit on the beach.  Or maybe I just want to look cute in the pictures.  The sunscreen is already packed.  Okay, it's not packed.  It's in my purse since I pretty much should use it all the time.

On another note, I have broken down and bought Easter candy.  I am proud of myself for not buying the super huge bag of those evil lil Cadbury Mini Eggs.  They were too tempting in their sugar coated chocolaty goodness!  I bought the medium bag.  But we as a family finished those off already and now I wish that I had bought the huge bag.  Evil lil suckers!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tales Chapter 2

Tales from the Hamster Files: Chapter 2

She brought him into the kitchen.  He was quiet.  She repeatedly pushed on the pink buttons on his back.  Then she looked at me with those big eyes.  She was sad.

"Mommy...He wont work.  He's broken."

At this point I was conflicted.  It is true that I am not the hamsters biggest fan.  I am convinced that it is indeed payback from my sister in law for the doll that I got my niece a few years back.  I imagine my Sis in law in the toy isle cackling out a maniacal evil laugh as onlookers snicker because they know she has found a "payback" gift.

I could have told my darling Clover that the batteries died or that he wasn't feeling well.  But looking into her big sad eyes I just couldn't lie to her.

I laid him on the surgical table and put on my mask and gloves.  I reached for my scalpel.  And when I say scalpel, I mean screwdriver.  I opened him up and searched in the junk drawer for 2 Triple A's.  Everyone has a junk drawer.  You know that drawer that catches everything you can't find a place for.  Lots of batteries and randomness that you just can't seem to get rid of for some reason.  Maybe a ketchup or soy sauce packet or two.  Always under an counter top appliance so that you can reference that appliance when people are looking for something that may be in the drawer.  Ours is under the coffee pot.

Upon further inspection it was obvious that the batteries just needed to be reseated.  They must have fallen out during one of the hamsters many falls.

All in the universe is restored as she runs down the hallway with her hamster for their next great adventure.