Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Most Recent Moment of Wonder

I have moments where I do things and then I sit there and wonder why I did them.  At the time these things made some sort of sense to me.  And then I have the general random thought.  So the list for today...


*Why I thought letting Clover have the whole bag of chocolate was a "good idea"? (It wasn't just in case you were wondering)

*Why am I so dang tired?

*Where the hell did I put the keys THIS TIME? (I lost them in the truck for five minutes.  I knew I had them...I opened the truck.  They were on the OTHER side of the carseat?)

*Why do I bother...

*Where is the hamster? (not next to the keys)

*What people think of me?  (I don't really care but I do wonder from time to time)

*If my friends know how much I truly appreciate/love them?

*Am I the only one who likes my cooking?

*Why do I feel slightly guilty about not helping that lady at the zoo who spilled all her stuff even though she had two grown kids helping her?

*If the "timed" air freshener in the bathroom is trying to kill me?  (I am really convinced that it is)

*Why I put so much effort when certain people don't feel the need to give a little back?

*On the same note...Am I giving back enough to those who contribute to my life?

*When will Darren be touring? (you knew it was in there somewhere didn't you?)

*What are the chances of me finding mini eggs on sale after Easter?

*Is my Diet Dr. Pepper still on the counter?

*Why didn't I buy a 12 pack?

*Why do I convince myself that I am over things when I am not?

*Out of the whole bookstore I came home with not one but two books with the name "Chicken Butt" in the title?  Really?  REALLY

So there is my giant bucket of RANDOM.  And since tomorrow is Easter Sunday you can draw bunny ears on the basket and pretend it's your Easter basket.  If you are nice then I might include some sugar coated egg shaped chocolatey goodness!  That is if I decide to share before I eat the rest of the bag!

Happy Easter Everyone!