Thursday, April 14, 2011

When You're Addicted

One great thing about being home, besides sleeping in my own having a decent cup of coffee.  Right now I am rockin Donut Shop blend and let me tell you it is yummy.  Now I know that some hotels try.  But they are all plagued by the "hotel coffee" stigma.  Even the gourmet coffee blend pouches in some of the fancier rooms we have been in have left me longing for my coffee maker at home.  It's just not any good.  But here is the thing...even when it's bad...I still drink it.  Why?

Cuz I'm addicted.

Even if it's completely horrid,  I can guarantee you that I will make it at least half way through.  I don't even consider myself a coffee snob because I will drink anything.  And yes, I love me some Starbucks.  Not only because it's delicious but also because the cup of coffee I get here in town is the exact same cup of coffee I get on the road while traveling.  I get excited when we stay at hotels that brew Starbucks in the lobby because I know that my comfort in a cup is just a short walk away.

And just like that the 100th post of this blog has come and gone.  I should totally celebrate!  Maybe I will treat myself to another cup of coffee.        

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