Sunday, April 17, 2011

In Where You Can Hear Me Squeal

So, I have this friend that I tease (lovingly of course) because when she gets really excited she literally bounces up and down in her seat.  It's cute and slightly infectious.  I mention this because I am not really a seat bouncer.  Well, here is your payback Lissa!


I watched this today with my mac book two inches from my face. (you can ask Tee)  I am totally excited!  Like used 107 exclamation points excited!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like bounce up and down in my seat excited!  I have to say that I love that he edits his own videos!  

I can't wait for the new album or the tour!  I'm not even sure if he is touring anywhere near me but I will be there.  I already have the sitter lined up and I'm not even sure of the when or where.

The waiting part sucks!  So here I sit patiently.  And while I'm waiting I might as well open up this nice cold bottle of Raspberry Mead.    


  1. LOVE IT!!!

    LMAO when the video started and I saw his name!!!

    Anyone who knows you knows how special Darren is to you and what happens when you attend one of his concerts!!! ;)

    (all typed while bouncing up and down in my seat for possible vac next month!!!)

  2. extremely sad that we have yet to get speakers for our computer. We just got a new monitor that did not come with them so I can't enjoy the video BOO!

  3. You can come over here and watch it and watch me bounce in my seat. LOL