Thursday, April 7, 2011

8 hours

In 8 more work hours, The hubs will officially be on vacation!  Since we haven't had a vacation since early October, I am very excited.  In a few short days I will be chillin with my toes in some real beach sand.  Even if it's only for a day or two at this point I don't care.  We just need to get away!

I am going to jump on the weather bandwagon since I am sure that everyone is blogging about it's crazy make no sensish ways!  Last night we enjoyed a nice night on the yard.  It was nice and cool.  We played tag and had a popsicle.  Today we have been held up inside due to thunderstorms and even a bit of hail.  I brought Clover outside to watch the "ice balls" bounce off the freshly mowed lawn.  She really enjoyed eating one or two or five.

I think that I might spend this weekend looking for a nice spring dress to accompany me on my beach trip.  I am loyal to my jeans and tees but for some reason feel the need to wear a nice breezy dress to sit on the beach.  Or maybe I just want to look cute in the pictures.  The sunscreen is already packed.  Okay, it's not packed.  It's in my purse since I pretty much should use it all the time.

On another note, I have broken down and bought Easter candy.  I am proud of myself for not buying the super huge bag of those evil lil Cadbury Mini Eggs.  They were too tempting in their sugar coated chocolaty goodness!  I bought the medium bag.  But we as a family finished those off already and now I wish that I had bought the huge bag.  Evil lil suckers!

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