Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've been on the receiving end of many of these sorts of conversations.  This however was the first time I had ever been a parent on this side of the looking glass.  In the end...all I could do was laugh, nod my head and feel myself turn red.

I ran into a very sweet lady that I used to work with.  We were both shopping and I spotted her so I stopped to chat.  We talked about the place we used to work at and how they are currently going through a rough spot.  We talked about how big Clover is getting.  And then my darling daughter decided to hijack the conversation.  Which is just further proof that she is her father's daughter!

"Can I ask you a question....You see my question is...I went to a birthday party and this naughty boy took my candy!  and my dad said he is going to kick his butt!"

I had to translate some parts.  It never occurred to me to translate something that wasn't so embarrassing.  I'm sure my friend has heard her fair share of these stories.  This gal is someone that I looked up too while I was working and helped me settle in before I decided to leave when I found out I was pregnant.  She was in a way my mentor.  And here is my daughter telling her that her Daddy is gonna knock some heads.  On one hand it's cute and on the other I don't want her thinking that we are all about the violence.  

I just sat there and turned five shades of red.  Which is normal for me.  Whenever I feel any sort of emotion I tend to turn red.

In the long run this is probably the least embarrassing thing that she will say.  I know that there are many a stories on the way in which my daughter embarrasses me.  This is probably the first time that it happened with someone who wasn't family.  I just thought I would share now that the redness has subsided.

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  1. Too cute. Kids say the darndest things! :)