Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tales Chapter 2

Tales from the Hamster Files: Chapter 2

She brought him into the kitchen.  He was quiet.  She repeatedly pushed on the pink buttons on his back.  Then she looked at me with those big eyes.  She was sad.

"Mommy...He wont work.  He's broken."

At this point I was conflicted.  It is true that I am not the hamsters biggest fan.  I am convinced that it is indeed payback from my sister in law for the doll that I got my niece a few years back.  I imagine my Sis in law in the toy isle cackling out a maniacal evil laugh as onlookers snicker because they know she has found a "payback" gift.

I could have told my darling Clover that the batteries died or that he wasn't feeling well.  But looking into her big sad eyes I just couldn't lie to her.

I laid him on the surgical table and put on my mask and gloves.  I reached for my scalpel.  And when I say scalpel, I mean screwdriver.  I opened him up and searched in the junk drawer for 2 Triple A's.  Everyone has a junk drawer.  You know that drawer that catches everything you can't find a place for.  Lots of batteries and randomness that you just can't seem to get rid of for some reason.  Maybe a ketchup or soy sauce packet or two.  Always under an counter top appliance so that you can reference that appliance when people are looking for something that may be in the drawer.  Ours is under the coffee pot.

Upon further inspection it was obvious that the batteries just needed to be reseated.  They must have fallen out during one of the hamsters many falls.

All in the universe is restored as she runs down the hallway with her hamster for their next great adventure.          

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