Friday, February 28, 2014

Open Communication

As we all know, being able to communicate your needs to your partner is one of the basics of a good marriage.  I struggle with that because some times I am too concerned with what the other person might be feeling to speak up and use my voice.  I have always admired that my husband has the ability to say what is on his mind and be in the moment.  

For Example:

Hubby:  I just wanted to let you know that I was mad at you this morning.

Me:  (I was hesitant but I wanted to see where this conversation would go) Ooooookay.  Why?

Hubby:  I woke up early in the morning and I was cold so I kept wondering why you hogged all the blankets and why you wouldn't roll over and hold me.  So I was getting really mad at you.

Me:  I could see how that could make you frustrated.  And I could validate that had you not been over 100 miles away.

Hubby:  Yeah it took me a few minutes to realize I was in a hotel myself.

I'm glad he was able to get that all out and not stew on it all day and be mad at me.  It was nice to know that he missed me, or at least my body heat...or possibly the heated blanket.  But I am going to go with that he missed me. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This Missing Picture of Dessert

I couldn't remember who had the picture.  Turned out that Lissa did.  I was providing lighting for said picture which is why I remember holding my phone up and explains why the picture was not on my phone.  So this was the Smore bake thing (not the technical term) at the Big Thunder Ranch.  It was super yummy and well worth the wait.    

Thursday, February 6, 2014

File This Under: I Can't Believe We Did That!

So I said that this year was going to be my Adventure year. 

My Adventure Extravaganza 2014!

This particular adventure started last summer.  Lissa and I were hanging out one night.  We were chillin on the couch and browsing the web.  I don't remember the exact reason we found ourselves where we did, but somehow we found ourselves exploring the idea of doing a 5k.  Now this is kind of a big deal for me.  I do not run.  I was told that I am not allowed because it could jar my neck.  So that kind of puts a damper on my marathon season.  Well, this particular 5k was called a family fun run.  Which means that they give you a little bit longer to finish because you would have your kids with you.  So that means we could walk.  It wasn't just any fun run but the Neverland Fun Run in Disneyland.

So we started researching it and really entertaining the idea and by the end of the night we had committed ourselves to our first 5k!

It used to take a lot for me to step out of my comfort zone but I have noticed that it's getting easier to say "Yeah!  We should totally do that!"  So that is what we did.  The anticipation was fun.  I had no idea what to expect and there isn't a whole lot of information on the fun run.  I guess the hard core running peeps skip over it because it's only 3.1 miles.  Or maybe people who run are too busy being outside to blog.  I don't know, I'm not sure.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Even on the drive up there I just kept asking "are we really doing this?"

We went up the night before and hit the Expo.  We had to ask some people how to navigate it.  We had to make sure we had our running bibs on or they wouldn't let us in.  So after we got our packet, shirt and complimentary yogurt we headed over to the merchandise area where we waited a while to get in there only to find out that the Dooney and Bourke Tink bag had already sold out.  Big bummer.  After that we hit the park for some pasta and then to bed because we had to be up at 3:45 am!  The run started at 5:45 am so we had to be up and ready.  The excitement that morning was pretty high.  We all got dressed in our running costumes and headed out on our adventure.

A picture of the map of our route.
3.1 miles isn't that bad.  We easily walk that after an afternoon on the park so we weren't worried about the distance.  We just had no idea what to expect.

 Everyone lining up...getting closer! 

The castle shot at about 5 in the morning!

Clover did great!  She did get a little bored.  It is a three mile run/walk so you are out there for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Even though we loved the peeks at what was behind Disneyland, she found them a little less exciting.  She loved giving everyone high 5's though.  Any time she saw a group cheering us on she would run up and give them a hand slap.  She only took one break, but as soon as the family in the Incredibles shirts from our shuttle passed us she was rearing to go!  She did get bumped into by a few people trying to run around us.  All in all I think it was a great experience for her.  She was so excited when she told people she was running a marathon.  She said it with such determination that I had no doubt she was going to finish this thing!      

 Whoohoo finish line!

So even after we finished I was still in shock.  I can't believe we did that.  I was very proud of us.  We wore our medals as we walked back to the shuttle.  Then we showered off and walked right back to hit the park for the day!  I know we are crazy!  

From Lissa's Fitbit.  The grand total for Friday.

We did run into some interesting comparisons when viewing our FitBit bracelets.  Lissa's was used as the more accurate one because I was pushing the stroller part of the day so my bracelet only logged about a 1/3rd of the steps.  I checked their website to find that they do say that "my step count will be a bit lower" because I am not moving my arm.  I guess they don't count pushing a stroller all day at a theme park because "a bit lower" was totally off.    
My favorite picture from the trip.  This was Friday night after the fireworks.  

We did go back and take a nap around one.  Then of course we went back to the park.  We were also on the hunt for dessert!  We hit up the Big Thunder Ranch for a sweet treat.  I thought I took a picture of our great big smores thing but I can't find it.  It was really good though.  The perfect ending to the night.  We got to watch the fireworks from the ranch and Clover loved every bit of it.  She even took a special liking to our waiter.     

Friday wasn't that bad crowd wise.  Then Saturday hit and so did the crowd.  It got a little busy.  To the point where Ariel had a line outside the door and we have never seen that.  It was also a little hot so we hung around and tried to keep cool.  

Isn't that so sweet?  I REALLY am creative and sensitive!

Oh wait, I'm a car?
I think the excitement of being at Disneyland is like a drug.  It does this weird thing to my brain that pushes me further past the point of exhaustion, and I chose to ignore that voice in my head because I'm in the park and having fun just walking around.  That day was crazy and fun all in the same but when my head hit the pillow I was out.

It was a super fun way to start off the year.  It makes me even more excited to think about the great things this year may have in store. 

My last thought before my body melted into the bed was "I can't believe we did that!"

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Having a moment right now.  As part of our wind down routine we are watching a show before cleaning up and working on homework.  I just realized that one of our favorite episodes of Imagination Movers called Uffle-Fluffs has a striking resemblance to The Trouble with Tribbles from Star Trek.

Although I will admit that Star Trek has a little less singing.  Although that concept could be kind of awesome.  Or maybe that's one of those ideas that should stay in my head.

Yes, baby.  Mommy is kind of a nerd.  Although you probably have figured that out by now.