Sunday, December 5, 2010

It Might Be Too Soon

December 5 – Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

I'm sitting here, trying to decide to write about the "what" or "who".  I have stories for both.  but here I sit.  The cursor blinking at me in the Blogger window.  It's yelling at me.  hurry up already. 

I'm hesitating.  I'm questioning myself and my writing ability.  I'm asking myself if it's too soon to write this story.  If it's even mine to write. 



I met her some fifteen or fourteen years  ago.  I don't remember when exactly.  She was a tall, blond lady who had no trouble speaking her mind.  I admired her for that.  And for the way she got her hair to do that puffy thing.

A couple years after that I became part of her family.  I married her nephew.  She didn't like my lack of cleaning ability or the fact that I hated to do laundry.  She was very supportive and passionate about her family.  She watched over them and she knew I was going to take good care of him.   

This small family is no stranger to what I call "medical drama".  But it was such a big shock when it hit her.  This woman had never been IN the hospital in sixty something years.  I can only imagine any sort of illness taking one look at her and running the other way. 

In the same week that they had gotten the news that her husband was cancer free, after a year of chemo and surgery...she got the bad news.  She had cancer. 

She fought and fought, then she fought some more.

In October of this year, she lost that fight.  Three years from when it had all started.  

It might be too soon to say that we have let go.

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