Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Up and At Em

Good Morning June!

So maybe I lied about not being as cheery as a Starbucks drive thru employee smiling at you before you have had your first cup of coffee.  I asked a friend why they are always so cheery and she said they get free coffee and then mentioned that one of her co-workers if a fan of quads (4 shots of espresso)!  So that explains a lot.

My little earworm up there has dual purposes.  Other than getting stuck in your head, it's an example of what my mornings are filled with.  I am not exactly a get up and go morning person.  I used to be.  When I was working I would be up at 5:45 am, hurrying through my morning routine since I hit the snooze button two too many times.  Always smiling and ready to greet my kids when I ran through the door.  Now days my mornings are a little slower.  I can't remember the last time I got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  So it takes me a few minutes and a cup of coffee to become functional.  I no longer have a snooze button since my alarm clock is now a darling fuzzy red haired girl in my face as soon as the sun rises.

So while I work the sleepy sand out of my eyes, make breakfast and sit down with my morning cup, I put on a show for Clover.  *gasp*  Yes we watch T.V.  And no, it's not always educational programming.  Judge away.

I am a fan of morning cartoons!

Our shows bounce from Nick Jr to Disney Jr and thanks to Netflix we catch a few classics too.  It's a fun morning routine.  You should try it.  I mean, how can you be any sort of grumpy?   It's totally awesome watching singing puppets while drinking your morning cup of coffee or strawberry milk (whichever is your preference).



  1. I confess I love Phineas & Ferb :)

  2. WERE a morning person??? lol

  3. We love Phineas and Ferb too!

  4. Lissa...haha! Just because I was habitually late doesn't mean I wasn't a morning person! errr...wait.