Thursday, June 16, 2011

Carp Diem

I purposely flunked my NaBloPoMo challenge last night.  I had lot's of thoughts to write about but I didn't feel like writing.  I felt that whatever I wrote was only going to be subpar.  I've done the thirty day challenges before so I wasn't trying to see IF I could do it.  I like the theme and was doing it for fun.  And that's what I want it to be.  Fun.

Our family received some sad news these last couple of days.  My brother's future ex-wife passed away.  I am not in a position to comment on what other people are going through.  I can only comment on my perspective.

This news has shocked me and effected me in a way I was not prepared for.  We were not incredibly close.  We were nice to each other, but our paths only seemed to cross on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I am saddened that her life was cut so short.  She was only in her mid twenties.  Although she had some health issues, mid twenties is just two young.

I find myself in a sudden rush to take better care of myself.  Eating better and exercising have seemed to move up the list of priorities.  Housework has taken a back seat the last two days a bit.  Not totally but I feel like right now my time is better spent with my family.  I know that there is a balance.  I will settle back in to my routine and gain my balance back.

But for now, I think I will take my Clover to the park and enjoy the day.

Willow: Carpe Diem! You told me that once.

Buffy: Fish of the day?!

Willow: Not Carp, Carpe. It means seize the day.

Buffy: I think we're going to. . .

Willow: Wow. . .

Buffy: Yeah.  

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