Thursday, June 9, 2011


If I said I was a fan of myself that would probably come out a little on the conceded side of things.  Wouldn't it?  I think so.  So what I really mean to say is that

I am a fan of my birthday!

It may or may not be my birthday today.  Although I am pretty sure it is since Hubby let me sleep in, oh and took me to breakfast, and took me shopping.  So yeah, I am guessing that it is indeed my birthday.

I wasn't always a fan of celebrating my birthday.  I did the grumpy "I hate my birthday!" thing.  I guess I just thought thats what you do?  I always waited around for people to celebrate it for me instead of celebrating it myself.  Why would they want to if I didn't want to?  Then I got a little older and a whole lot wiser and figured out that there was no justifiable reason for making myself miserable.

So don't do what I did.  You should totally celebrate your birthday!  Why?  Cuz your are awesome and people love you for just being you!

Even though I am not 100% recovered from this flu thing.  I am feeling much better.  I have been shown lots of love today from friends, family, my loving husband and my cutie-po-tutie daughter of mine.  Moments like this make me feel like I am totally blessed.  And what an awesome feeling to help me celebrate this day of my birth!


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