Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Remind Me of the Babe

What babe?

The babe with the power...

What power?

The power of voodoo

Who do? You do! Do what?

Remind me of the babe.

Okay...So I am a fan of Labyrinth!

I love it.  I even own it on dvd.  But am I playing it on dvd?  No.  That would require energy to go and get the dvd out of the cabinet and put it in the dvd player.  Considering the fact that I feel like I am eight paces away from losing consciousness, that is too much effort.  So I am streaming it from netflix via the remote sitting right next to me on the couch.  My latest knitting project is right near me along with Clover's toy story blanket and my air.  I am all camped out.

I have still managed to put a load or two in the laundry.  I still need to do dishes when I feel like I wont pass out when I stand up.  Hubby is still fighting a fever and chills.  Clover isn't showing any signs yet.  Other than taking a mysterious nap, she is feeling fine.  She has been really good about playing by herself today.  I feel so guilty about not being able to play with her the way she wants me too.  I've already made a mental note to make it up to her.

Another mental note:  they sure did use a whole lot of glitter in this movie.  I wonder if anyone measured how much they used?



  1. You and that movie! Omg.

  2. cut me some slack...I'm sick :P\