Sunday, June 12, 2011

Go, Diego, No

As much as I want to fill up thirty days of things I am fans of, there are a few nots sneaking in.  It's not that I don't enjoy writing about things I love.  It's just sometimes there are things that I am not a fan of that are more fore front in my mind than others.  Today is one of those days.

I am not a fan of the stomach flu (that's a given, right)
I'm not happy that Clover has it now.
I'm not a fan of some of her tv choices.

I am not a fan of Go, Diego, Go.

I know I am not the first mommy blogger who has posted a giant wtf on some of the children's programming out there.  There are lot's of complainers out there and I guess I will just add my name to the list.  There are lots of reasonings that I have read out there in the blogiverse.  Some parents don't like how loud the shows are or how incredibly neon bright they are.  I don't have a problem with that.  I don't have a problem with the bilingual stuff.  I actually think it's pretty cool.  I like that they are interactive shows and try to engage their preschool audience so my issues don't lie there either.

So what is my issue?  For anyone who hasn't seen the show, Diego is Dora the explorer's cousin.  He and his sister Alicia are "Animal Rescuers".  They run around the jungle with their magic back pack and his video watch.

Where are their parents?!?  And why are they driving a jeep?  What are they like 12?  Diego looks like is is 8.  They have parents.  They have been in a few episodes but only for a few seconds when they justifiably ditch their kids in the name of science.  I get that they are cartoons.  I'm not starting a letter writing campaign anytime soon.  I'm just irritated.  It would be much easier if I just didn't let her watch the show, but it's one of her favorites.

I get that they are on adventures, but couldn't they go on adventures as a family?  Instead of letting the older sister watch the little brother and let them both run around willy nilly IN A JUNGLE.  Is the video watch really a kid lojack and that's how they justify ignoring their kids?  When they have been in an episode they are evidently to busy with their jobs as scientists to pay any attention to their kids.  One episode they okie doked them and sent them on their merry way because a Caiman/alligator had pink eye.  There are grandparents in some of the episodes also.  So why isn't ONE of these adults watching these kids!  Maybe I am over analyzing.  I just don't get it.  I know parents aren't with their kids one hundred percent of the time and this isn't a latchkey argument or anything.  My point is that these kids are way to young to be running around a jungle.  Let alone unsupervised.  And that stupid talking cat doesn't count as a babysitter!        

My other complaint with this show was in one of the episodes Alicia picks up an alligator that was ditched in a city pond.  She picks it up and says "when picking up an animal you should support their neck" or something along those lines.  Uhm..NO.  How about "Don't pick up random animals!"  I don't want my preschooler eventually thinking that it's okay to pick up random wild animals because Alicia told her it was okay if she supported it's neck!  

When we do watch it I make sure that I make a point to tell Clover that she is not allowed to pick up animals.  I also make a comment about how they should be with their parents.  Then she looks at me like I am a giant stick in the mud.  If you ask her she will tell you that Diego is one of her boyfriends.  Greeeeaaaat!  Just so she knows now, she better not think she is going to be running around the jungle with my grandbabies!

For now I will just calm it down since she is only three.  And currently sick with a bug and this is what she wants to watch.  So I will tone my rant down, and hold my baby girl in one arm and a cup of gatorade in the other.  

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  1. This makes me laugh on so many levels. My mind works the same way and I sit sometimes just wondering what the heck? I guess as they are not teaching the kids something terrible right??