Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Show?

I've been sitting here trying to rack my brain about what to write about.  I've settled down in my pjs.  New ones none the less, well not brand new ones but a fresh pair since the last three days I have basically been living in mine.  I've got the tv going and then it dawns on me...

Why am I a fan of shows that have been canceled?

I always seem to miss the boat on awesome shows and then back track my way through.  Lucky for me there are a lot of awesome shows on netflix that I can catch up at my pace one at a time.  Without having to worry about renting or buying dvds.  My current fascination is Ghost Whisperer.  Which is odd for me since I don't do scary.  But here I am with the tv on, and the light off.  I am convincing myself that I am being brave.  I didn't even know the show was canceled until I googled it.

I have a long list of shows I love that are no longer on the air.  Back in the day when I had a free Sunday to myself I would pick a season on DVD and watch the day way while knitting.  This last Christmas I finally broke down and bought the M*A*S*H collection and that series ended in the 80's!  I have seen every episode multiple times and can quote them.

Buffy was another one I came into the last season and had to work my way forward on.  That was really confusing trying to figure out where in the heck her sister came from.  I came into scrubs the fifth season and love that series.  Even though the whole writers strike thing mucked up that one season.  Gilmore girls is another one I have on dvd.  Or at least the first three seasons.  Once they start to write only for ratings I get impatient with the story lines and find another show.

As of late I haven't really had much time to find new shows or reminisce with my old ones.  Since I gave the elliptical some time off the Tv has snuck in as my new B.f.F.  Too bad we will have to break off our love affair once I start feeling better.  But for now I will enjoy my show here in the dark.  That is until I hear a noise and scare myself.    

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