Monday, June 6, 2011

Deep Fried Hangover

Is it possible to experience a deep fried hangover?  I felt fine last night.  After everyone left and I got Clover down I sat on the couch and knitted while I watched Ghost Whisperer in the dark (while it was raining none the less)!

This morning is another story.  Hubs said he felt icky when he got up.  I didn't think anything of it since I hadn't crawled my butt out of bed yet.  As soon as I stood up I felt it.

So needless to say...
This is a "NOT A FAN" post.

I am not a fan of feeling icky!

I'm not sure if it's because I lack a gallbladder and have issues with oil.  Or if it is just that I ate like crap last night so I feel like crap this morning?  I had a salad with my buffalo chicken strips...and I don't think I ate THAT many snickers.  It's been twelve years since I had the gallbladder out so I thought I had adjusted.  Maybe not.

You see right after the Hubs and I got married, two days after my health insurance kicked in I landed myself a stay in the hospital.  I had a gall stone stuck in my duct and my gallbladder was infected and about to burst.  It actually did burst while I was being operated on and I landed a four day stay.  I had symptoms but ignored them.  I just figured it was gas or that I was suddenly lactose intolerant.  When I went into the ER at four in the morning they gave me a pain shot and I ignorantly went home.  The next day at the consultation from an ER referred doctor I was sent back in.  I was nineteen and scared out of my mind about staying at a hospital by myself.  My brand new husband was worried and had to go home by himself.  I'm sure he wondered what he got himself into!  We pulled together not only as friends but for the very first time as husband and wife.  

From that moment I have learned not to ignore what my body was telling me.  For months and months I ignored the symptoms and ended up on the table.  Right now my poor body is telling me to take it easy.  I am pretty sure that's what I am going to do today.  I have cleaning to do and that will get done, just a little on the slow side.  I don't even want to go in the kitchen.  If you don't hear from my I'm fine.  Just trying not to catch a nap on the couch!

*Update:  With the surprise presence of a fever, all conclusions that it was the oil are now proven wrong.  And I am usually the first to admit that I was wrong.  Looks like we have the flu present and accounted for in our household.  Hubs seems to have been hit the hardest with a fever/chill/icky stuff combo.  Mine seems to be toying with me.  Like "yeah you feel terrible, but you can still sort of function"  I am assuming that Clover will be next.  All in time for my birthday too.  Yay me.  (sarcasm at it's finest)

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