Thursday, June 30, 2011

To a Close

Ahhh my blog meme is coming to a close.  It was fun.  So can you tell?

I'm a fan of blog memes!

Like you haven't already figured that out right?  I find them fun and whimsical almost.  After all this whole blog started with Reverb10.  Lot's of stuff reflected on back in December.  Reverb was much more structured than any other meme I have managed to participate in.  Every day a prompt was given and you take it and run with it.  NaBloPoMo has had some fun themes too.  You can also participate in their daily prompts as well.

What I like about these themes/memes is that they help expand the context of your blog.  Yes, I love my Clover, my Hubby, my friends and my music obsessions but there is only so much writing about them I can do.  With the structure of a theme or prompts it forces me to write about things outside of my box.  I like that.  It's not forced creativity or anything.  Just a jump start in another direction you may or may not have gone in your blogesphere.

There is probably a ton of stuff that I could have written about that I am a fan of.  I may revisit this theme during the Summer.  You know for funzies!

Good Night June.

Hello July!        

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