Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Heart Nerds

Things are getting exciting around here.  Hubby has the opportunity to be part of something big.  Without giving out to much detail...he gets to do something he loves.  He is participating in a product release for some emerging technology.  He is walking on air about it.  I am in awe of how comfortable he is in front of a crowd.  While some of us would be stammering trying not to mess things up, Hubby will be in front of everyone talking about stuff that he loves.  I think that makes him so great at his job.  And let me be the first person to tell you that my man can talk.  and talk.  and talk.  Good thing he married a good listener (if I do say so myself).  He is passionate about what he does.  He always has been.

I guess I knew at an early age that I was a fan of Nerds.  I kind of have to be since I married one right?  When we first started dating I barely knew what a computer was.  Let alone how to work one.  I could run a word processing program.  That was about it.  Now days, I rock my Mac.  So needless to say, I have been converted.  The day he realized I had been assimilated was a proud day for him.

I am very proud of my Hubby and I want to show my support.  There's not a whole lot of "wife of a nerd" gear out there.  But while I was shopping I did find this.


I think it's perfect for my Summer bag.  It has enough room to throw some of Clover's stuff in before we head out the door.  I have no problems showing some nerd love!

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