Thursday, June 2, 2011


Since this is Hubby's birthday I feel that it is appropriate that todays post be about him.

I am a fan of my Hubby.

Awwwww aren't you all grossed out by the warm fuzzy vibe?  You should be.  It gets better.  I wanted to do something for him that showed him how much I loved him.  He already bought his own birthday presents so I don't really have to worry about that part.

So I wrote down 32 reasons I love him on his 32nd birthday.  I covered the entry way hall with them.

Some of them get a little personal so I wont share all of them but there are a few pictures.  So half way through Hubby decided to come in and in my effort to cover up the wall I scared him.  He jumped like five feet.  I guess cuz I was in a dark hallway trying to be sneaky and he didn't see me standing there and then I jumped to hide the wall and yelled "You can't looook yet!"

He was a good boy and didn't read them til this morning.

Two-thirds of the way through I ran out of post-its.  So then I raided my paper stash and found some non post it sticky notes.  They sucked!  I had to reinforce them with stickers.  It's a good thing Hubby likes cats.

Happy Birthday Babe!  I Love You!