Saturday, June 25, 2011

Media Shmedia

Lot's of things to share.  First of all Darren's first single for the new album is out!  I will just end that sentence with SQUEELL.  It's called Talk, Talk, Talk.  You can hear it or watch the video here.  Words.  Words cannot describe how much the anticipation for the album is killing me.

So I will keep myself busy with other things.

Sometimes, I am an instant gratification Itunes kind of a gal.  But Cd wise, I bought one.  I like buying cds.  I enjoy listening to the cd through.  I instantly pick out my favorites.  Usually the faster beat songs.  But occasionally a ballad will work it's way in.  I haven't bought music in awhile.  Everything that I listen too is older pop stuff.  Just picked up Matthew Morrison's Self Titled album.  I have to say that Hey is my favorite song so far.   My ballad/slower song that snuck in was Still Got Tonight.

While I was shopping I also picked up some work-out dvd's.  I need something I can do inside.  My poor elliptical is out in the garage and since it's good o triple digits here it's probably not in my best interests to work out there.  The upside to the dvd is that it's something I can do during the day with Clover in tow.  Well, sort of.  She spent quite a few moments hanging on my leg.  I can also do them during the day while she is awake and that means I don't have to wait until after 8:30 to try and squeeze a workout in.  So what did I buy?

Bollywood Dance with Hemalayaa!   It's hilarious and actually pretty fun.  You can catch a youtube clip here.  I am alternating with Bollywood Dance Blast.  That shake n bake move killed my calves and I didn't even do it all the way through!  I have to say though...I need more body jewelry when I work out.  I think it would improve my workout if I had shiney bracelets on while I worked out too.  And I am totally serious here!

I totally killed my workout with one of these delicious brownies!  I found the recipe last week.  I made a batch but they went to the Father In Laws for Father's day to share.  I made another batch for movie night, and well, they stayed here.  I worked out and went swimming so I will just call it a draw with the brownies.

I think all in all I have been keeping pretty busy.  Or at least trying too.                      

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