Monday, June 20, 2011

Blingy Bling

While surfing my social network sites this morning I found something I was a fan of pretty quick.

I am a fan of Lisa Leonard Designs.

She has a shop page and a blog page.  She is doing a giveaway here for her new Summer Line.  I really love the stamped metal look.  I have the heartstrings necklace that I got last year from my darling Hubs.  I have a list going of my favorites in hopes of encouraging Hubby to head over there and buy me a piece.  I am a fan of the new pinwheel necklace.  I want it with "Play.  Juju.  Play" on it (hint hint Hubby!).  I love that its a darling reminder to play.

Speaking of playing we are going to work on our Summer To-Do list today!  What are you putting on your list?  

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