Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 23 - Still Got It

30 Days of Thanks

Day 23 - I am thankful I took a break to go to the movies.  The Muppets still got it!

It was no secret that I wanted to go to the movies today.  I'm so glad that I took a break from my very sloth like morning to get out of the house and go to the movie theater.

I love the muppets.  I loved them as a kid and I love that my kid loves them.  She recognized Kermit right away and wanted to know where Ms. Piggy was.  Because you know they come as a set.  She fell asleep on her Daddy so she missed the Ms. Piggy part.  We sugared her up and she had more than a few handfuls of popcorn before she curled up on his lap and passed out.  Even though she is three she still isn't heavy enough to stop the edge of the theater chair from popping back up on her.

I missed part of it so I may be going back.  I totally forgot that through Disney Movie Club I had two free tickets.  I'll just be totally honest and retract the "may" from the last sentence.  I will be going back.  It was a very cute movie.

It's something wholesome that I can share with my daughter.  Something that I had from my childhood.  I was so excited when she got excited while watching the movie.  I don't think she would believe me if I told her that Kermit is the same age as her Grandpa.  So you know that if they have been around this long they obviously still got it!

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