Saturday, March 12, 2011


Day 12:  Thoughts

Due to the lack of posting on my social networking sites, I have been forced to actually think.  I haven't had anyone to entertain me so I have resorted to thinking to myself.  You're shocked right?

My red-headed almost three year old chose this exact moment to hop on my lap and join me under the Mad Hatter blanket.  I think that once she hears the clickety of keyboard it triggers something.  She moves my computer on over.  Then she demands (oh so lovingly of course) that we look at pictures of her friends.   And when I say friends I mean her three favorite girlie friends and Mommy's friends which are no longer my friends but hers.

Almost three year old.  Geez.  Where does the time go?  I remember waiting and waiting.  Waiting for her to get here.  Waiting for the drama to subside.  Waiting for her to hit her milestones.  Waiting for her to walk.  Lot's of waiting.  I have learned that she has her own time table and even though it might not be MY time table I just have to be patient.  Her time is important too.  She does a lot of waiting on me too.  Waiting to go outside.  Waiting to go to the park.  Waiting on the mac n cheese.  Hopefully she develops my patience level.

Even though I have studied Child Development since I took my first class when I was 14, I really had no idea.  I say that lovingly because being a new mommy for three years has taught me more than I could have ever imagined.  Even though I worked at a day care for years and years, I never understood parents.  I used to say things like "my kid will never sleep in my bed" and "my kid will never have a binkie".  And for the record I have done both of those and pretty much everything that I said that would never do has been done.  I get it now Life.  Thanks for the lessons.

I never knew I would be so fascinated with something so little.  I have always been intrigued by kids that I have taken care of.  Since we knew she was on her way I have been amazed and captivated by her.  I am absolutely amazed by her strength and persistence.  I am fascinated by her emerging strong personality.  I once had a lady stop me while grocery shopping and comment about her red hair and how beautiful it is.  She followed up with "A lot of things are going to be blamed on that red hair!  But you know that's not the cause right?"  I was taken back and laughed.  I do know it's not the cause.  We blame the red hair anyways.

Seeing as the lil Clover's birthday is coming up there will most definitely be more gushingly cute post.  Posts about how life is and how it's changed.  Possibly some peaceful reflections on the past.  Maybe even a craft post or two as I get prepared for the big day.  We aren't going all out or anything but I think 3 years is something to celebrate!  Time to celebrate our not so lil baby girl.  Especially since

"Mommy, I'm not a baby!  I'm a big girl!"

Who taught her how to talk?  Oh yeah, we did.      


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