Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Day 16:  Dryer

Yes, dryer.  That big metal box next to the washer that is supposed to dry your clothes.  Mine does...when it feels like it.  It's finicky and needs a lot of attention.  Not to mention it's fairly new.  Well, it's two years old.  So I am I bringing all of this up now?  Because I spent this afternoon cuddling mine.  And when I say cuddle I mean squeezing my butt into the laundry closet (it is really a closet) and tearing out the vent tube and cleaning it.  Lots of vacuuming involved as well.

I never worried about this at my parents house or in the two apartments we lived at before the house.  But after the previous dryer caught fire it has become a hobby of mine to clean it all out.  That was a fun winter.    The dryer and the water heater went out at the same time.  We were new parents dealing with failing appliances and sick family members.  So then the replacement dryer caught on fire and filled the house with smoke.  The firemen who came to check on us recommended that we have it professionally cleaned.  Which we did.  But the cleaners wouldn't go on the roof due to the type of material it was.  So they only cleaned it out from one side.  That next spring I was up on a ladder with a pole trying to get what I thought was a dead bird out of the dryer duct.  Turns out it was not a bird but a massive amount of lint that they shoved up there when they "cleaned" it.  It was humorous to say the least.  Me up on a ladder repeating several rounds of "EwwwWWWww".  I was a little less grossed out when I figured out it was just lint.

So if you get one thing from reading my run on sentences, hopefully it's to clean out your ducts.  Out of all the things to get on my soap box turns out to be the dryer.  

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  1. Our dryer drys but it also eats our clothes. I'm such a frugal person that I refuse to get a new dryer and each time it eats something of mine that I'm fond of I swear this is the time I get a new dryer only to then again decide it can wait. If I'm walking around naked soon you'll know why :)