Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Day 2:  Nerdy

Every now and then I like to surprise the Hubs.  Today I worked on a project just for him.  I was able to get my Crafty on and my Nerdy on all in the same day.  Hubs got a tablet.  It needed a cover.  I made him one.  But not just any...a personalized one.

Okay so it's an Android.

I followed the basic tutorial  from the Cottage Home.  I just made a few adjustments.  For the android cover I cut out fabric that was 11x8 but if I make any more I might add on half an inch more on the length and height so it's not as snug a fit.

I used some heavy duty denim that I bought some time back.  It felt good to use up some of my stock I already had.  I used bright green broadcloth for the android applique.  The lining is neon green fleece.  I used a simple button and elastic loop closure.

I already have several projects that I have lined up that I want to work on but for some reason I really wanted to work on this today.  I wanted to make something for the Hubs and he is all about gifts that he can use.  It's not every day that I am able to surprise him.  If he doesn't like it...I'll just sell it on Etsy.  Kidding of course.  He loves it.  I love that he loves it.

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