Thursday, March 3, 2011


Day 3:  Beauty

Spent the afternoon in a beautiful park, on a beautiful day with some beautiful girls.

It was a nice day in the park with a friend of mine and her girls, complete with a picnic on a blanket and ice cream afterwards.  The weather was nice and even borderline warm when the sun was out.  Speaking of the sun...I need to buy sunscreen already.

And speaking of sunscreen, I have this thing where it makes my skin feel funny so I am kind of picky when it comes to sunscreen.  I know I need it but I hate the oily feeling and the feeling that it's just sitting on my skin.  I have found that I am a fan of the powder sunscreen.  I found it at a dermatologist.  It was called colorscience (i think).  But now you can find a bare minerals one at Sephora.  So now I have to make a trip across town, but at least I will have it in my bag for the next park trip out.

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