Thursday, March 17, 2011


Day 17:  Jeans

After I had Clover I went up two sizes.  Then I hit the diet bandwagon and went down 4.  Here is where I pat myself on the back for a quick second.  Since Valentine's day I have hit the elliptical 3-4 times a week, anywhere from 30-50 minutes a time.  I have lost a whole whopping 1.5 pounds according to the scale.  I have noticed that my clothes are fitting better.  

About an hour into this morning I realized that the pants I put on were absolutely not going to work.  I didn't have a chance to go home and change so I was stuck with them.  Seeing as I am hosting a birthday this weekend for my darling Clover, I decided that I should probably head by the store and pick up a pair of pants that fit.

Thus begins my 45 minutes of frustration.  Which ended with me leaving the store empty handed.

So I figured that I must be down at least a size since these were barely hanging on.  I was totally happy with myself until I got to the store.  Three pairs of jeans later...

First of all the store I shop at has decided in its infinite wisdom to ONCE AGAIN change their sizing system.  A few years ago they changed to single digits.  This left me confused.  Then they added shapes in an effort to "help you find the perfect fit".  Really the slogan should be "to confuse you so bad, you don't notice the price".

Since I don't shop for myself that often I was a little surprised to find that they switched the sizes back but kept the funky shape system.

So pair number one was one size smaller than the ones I was constantly pulling up.  I put my leg in and instantly disappointed.  Checked the tab and it was the "right shape" and size and I squeezed into the anyways.  I could close them but I wouldn't say they fit.  The phrase "muffin top" doesn't even come close.  Muffin would imply that it was a lil tight.  These were more like "whole loaf of bread top".

So then I decided to try another shape.  Went from a triangle to a circle.  The size was the same size I was in.  I couldn't get my calf in.  Sad face.

Third pair was the same size and shape as a pair I had at home.  According to the "conversion" table was supposed to be the size I was wearing.  These fit better.

So I stood in line behind a lady who was checking out but not done shopping yet.  Oh and did I mention that I did all of the trying on and shopping with Clover by my side.  Every time we went into the changing room she wanted to change too.  So after I peeled off the jeans I had to redress her.  One person asked to help me and then went on her merry way.  Standing in line I just found myself frustrated that I couldn't find the jeans I wanted in my size and had settled with a different wash.  And for anyone who needs petite jeans this store was stocked.  As a matter of fact it was all I could find.

So after waiting for the one checker, while the two other girls sat around folding stuff while the line accumulated, I got frustrated and left empty handed.

I am a little bummed that I wasn't the size I thought I was and slightly frustrated that the jeans I had purchased are no longer fitting but the sizes are all "supposed" to be the same.  Grumble grumble.

At least I know that after this Cupcake Weekend Extravaganza, the elliptical will be waiting for me.

I will be ready.  

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