Friday, March 4, 2011


Day 4:  Pink

Another busy day out and about.  Lovely day for a zoo visit.  The Flamingos were out also and very pink.

We hit up Osh and picked up a cherry tree and and avocado.  Yum!  They are still pretty little trees so I can't wait til they are actually fruit bearing.  I love growing my own food.  I just wish I had the space to do it.  The sun is behind our house so we get limited sun in some places, leaving me with barren ground.  The tree behind us has gotten so large the spot where I usually plant my tomatoes is now in the dark.  So no sun, no fruits or veggies.

Then it was over to the store to get some sunscreen.  The both of us were sun kissed yesterday after  our playtime in the park so I had to pick some up since I knew we were going to be out and about today.

Then we hit the Zoo with some more girly girls.  Some animals, snacks and lots of pink!    


  1. You should totally cut that tree down in your back yard... buy an umbrella for shade :) Then your pool will be nice and warm when summer comes & bonus you can plan your veggies again. Thanks for a fun day today love getting to hangout with you guys.

  2. Totally would cept it's not our tree :/ lol. Thanks for the invite. Not more flip flops at the zoo tho. My feet hurt today.