Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sew It Begins

Sometimes I get really excited about stuff and come up with really crazy ideas.  Then the excitement dulls down and I'm left there scratching my own head.  For some reason I think I can sew a Renaissance style dress to accompany my Merida as Queen Elinor for Halloween.

Yesterday I started cutting out the pattern.  Which wasn't too bad.  But fun sewing time comes after the laundry has been started and the dishes have been done.  I didn't get very far but every little bit I work on is closer to completing the dress so that is all I need to focus on.

More than a couple years back I took a sewing class and learned some of the basics.  Although if you know how to read instructions you can work on a pattern.  Sewing is really easy if you break everything down and just like everything else it takes practice.  To this day I still cant sew a straight line.

The instructions are printed on the pattern itself.

Please ignore the coffee stains on my ironing board.  It's obviously only used for crafts!
Soon I will be working on the green taffeta I bought.  I hope this all goes easier than it's imagined in my head :).

Sew it begins!  

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