Saturday, September 8, 2012

Knit Along

So if you read this post a few posts ago, you know that I finally decided to knit something for myself!  How is that going you might ask?  Well it started out a little rough.  I started, ripped and then started over at least more than seven times because after that I just couldn't count anymore.  But seeing that I am already committed (or perhaps should be committed) I had to stick with it.  No matter how many times I lose track of the pattern or how many times the stinking stitches fall off the needles or the fact that I had to go up two needle sizes because I just couldn't wait to go back to the store to buy size 4's double pointed needles.  So this is where I am at...

My solution:  My Clover's hair ties to hold the yarn from slipping off.
Saved my sanity!

Finished the brim and working on the hat.

And Noooo!  Those are not winter pj's in the Summer time at all!

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