Sunday, September 2, 2012


Dear Technicolor, I am a tad confused.  You see I am currently watching Mary Poppins which was colored by Technicolor.  I have a question.  Why is Mary Poppin's jacket black in the movie?  I have seen this costume in person.  I didn't get to touch it because it was behind glass in an exhibit, but still I got a good look at it.  In person the jacket is purple.   Everything else on the outfit seems to be colored correctly.

This outfit and many other Disney treasures are currently on display at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  This temporary exhibit is D23 Presents Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives at the Reagan Library.  Since we walked in sporting our Disney gear the volunteers knew exactly which exhibit we wanted to see and let us hit up that one first.  I have to admit that I did not believe the guy when he said it would take us up to two and a half hours to get through all of the exhibits.  I believed him when we were done.  The Reagan Library is huge!  Not to mention one of the most pristine places I have ever been.

Can't pass that view up during lunch.

Clover's other favorite part besides all the dresses was getting on board Air Force One.  
It really does take a while to get through all of the Library.  We had lunch at the country cafe and a fudge snack at the pub.  The food was yummy and the entire museum exceeded all of my expectations.    When we got to the end we hit up the Disney exhibit again before we headed out.

It was a wonderful outing.  The only bummer was that on the way home our lovely travel DVD player died.  I was a bit worried about being in the car and not having anything to entertain Clover but she did surprisingly well.  I would say that all in all the trip was


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