Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fun with Yarn

I had a bout of insanity last night that really only had to be witnessed to explain.  And I was o so fortunate to have one of my good friends there to watch what I was calling either insanity or persistence.  Perhaps both.  Lucky for you I took pictures.  

It all started with me wanting to make a hat.  I found the pattern and started but the green yarns I had didn't quite match the shirt/sweater that I wanted it to go with.  Girl problems right?  So if I am going to go through all the trouble to knit it I want it to be something I will wear.  And I'm making it so I want it my way.  Very rarely do I make stuff for myself so I was sticking to it this time.  So off to the craft store we went.  I borrowed the very keen eyes of my co adult and one four year old to pick the right shade of green.  We found one match.  One match in three isles of yarn.  Color yes, weight, nope.

So I will just decrease the number of stitches casted on while I increase my needle size since my yarn was Super Chunky.  After two failed attempts at this I just sat there and stared at the yarn.

This was me at my first attempt at unraveling the Super Chunky weight yarn into two sets of two strands.  Essentially pulling it in half while being reminded that it does not want to come apart.  It did not want to come apart.  But I was being stubborn.  So here is the yarn wrapped around my foot and me trying to straighten it out with the other foot.  

This is the yarn getting stuck in my hair while trying to pull it apart.  It retwisted with force near my forehead and pulled my hair in with it.  It knew it was going to be a hat and was getting a jump start.    

So at about midnight last night/this morning I gave up with the hope that I would try again when I was rested.  And that I did.  I didn't manage to take any pictures of the unraveling process because my hands where full.  I did enlist a helper.  I threw the yarn ball down the hall and proceeded to pull it apart separating the yarn into two piles on each side of me.  Every time there was a kink and it would no longer pull apart I yelled for my trusty helper who by this time had changed into her Repunzel costume because Repunzel was in Tangled.  Seriously, that was her reasoning.  I would yell for her and she would come out and straighten my strand out down the hallway.  She did this about ten times until we were done.

See two strands!

I probably put four hours into finding the yarn and rewinding the ball.  The entire time I could hear this conversation in my head between myself and the Hubs about just buying what I need online instead of searching stores and making due with what I had.  We didn't actually have that conversation but I did imagine what his reaction would be if he came home and saw the yarn tangled up in my hair or if he came out of the office to see a mountain of fibers in the living room.  See we've been married so long we don't actually have to have conversations.  I am pretty much assuming that he would just look at me like I'm nuts.

I casted on and knit a row before I had to put it down to have a rockin Labor Day bbq.  I will get back to it when I find some spare time.  I think I am on attempt number 18 now, but I am happy to report that it is no longer in my hair :)  

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