Sunday, August 26, 2012

Must Be a Frog Thing

There has been a lot of stuff caught up in my brain so you know there is a ramble coming.  I keep meaning to sit down and work it all out to a somewhat manageable post but this is going to be as close as it gets.  :)  I sat down last night to blog and got sidetracked cracking sunflower seeds and enjoying getting stuck in the internet.  There are days where I feel like there is nothing to read and then days where I get annoyed that real life is interfering with my "research".  And before you jump to that conclusion it doesn't always involve online shopping.

So yesterday I was stuck in the interwebs looking for hat patterns.  I want to knit a hat that looks like one my favorite princess sports in the beginning of the Princess and the Frog.  I found this one for a knitted cloche hat.  After I decided on the pattern I rummaged through my sorted green yarns and found one I liked.  Then I went through my collection of needles.  I thought about how lucky I am that people bring me vintage needles.  I felt so loved as I looked through my assortment.  And then I got a metal sliver in my hand from a damaged needle and was convinced everyone was trying to kill me.  I understand that my reaction was a bit overdramatic.  It must have been that set because the next set I grabbed was fine.

I put on Princess and the Frog as I started to knit.  Yes, I watch cartoons willingly.  I really only had a kid to have someone to watch cartoons with.  Then it dawned on me that I like cartoon frogs.  My favorite muppet is a frog.  My favorite princess is a frog.  I even had cute little frogs on the first set of dishes that Hubs and I had when we moved out.  The reason this all seems weird to me is that I am petrified of real ones.  I know it's a weird fear and I don't really understand it myself.  But there it is.

I'm afraid of frogs.

I grew up in the country so I've been around them.  Country snakes or spiders don't bother me.  I can squish spiders all the live long day but put a frog in front of me and I scream like the little girl I am. I used to be that way with spiders at one point in my life.  Then I was on the yard with my toddler class and there was a spider in the yard.  Two of my grown co teachers noped to the other side of the yard when they saw it and I was left there staring at it.  I guess fight or flight kicked in.  I couldn't let it get near my kids.  I didn't what kind it was so it was possible that it was poisonous.  I squished it and have had no problems squishing spiders since.  It's them or me!

I try not to let it get the best of me.  I begrudgingly take my daughter through the reptile exhibit at the Zoo.  But the point is that I still go.  I try not to let her know that it bothers me but I do let her know that even big Mommies are afraid of some things.


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