Sunday, August 26, 2012

Like Superpowers, Kinda.

I have to remind myself sometimes that even though my Clover is "like six feet tall" according to her, that she is still only four.  In the scheme of things she hasn't been around for that long.  She is still learning how to navigate the world and I need to remember that.  There are things that we are working on.  We are still working on the outbursts and meltdowns.  Which sometimes can be taxing on a parent.  So I tried to put it in perspective.

It would be like if you got a super power.  All of the sudden your power kicks in.  You have this new ability and no idea how to use it.  Not only do you have to learn how to use them but also how to control them.  

Patience is needed all around.  So in this scenario does that make me Professor X?  I'll take it.

It all made sense in my head.  

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