Sunday, August 12, 2012

All The Dresses

I like to start brainstorming for All Hallow's Eve early because if I am going to whip up an outfit it's going to take some time.  Clover has already decided that she was going to be Merida this year.  So I decided that I wanted to dress up too.  So I will be playing the part of Elinor, Merida's mother.  I found some ideas from various websites.  One of them is a quick overview of the costume.   I found a few websites that would make the dress but the prices where way out of the price range I would pay to wear it for one night.  So did some more internet searching and found a pattern that I felt came pretty close to what I was looking for.

bottom right corner?
I was pretty excited when I got the pattern in the mail.  Clover asked me what it was so I explained that it has instructions to tell me how to make these dresses.  Her eyes grew three sizes and she exclaimed

"Wait?!?  You mean YOU CAN MAKE DRESSES?"

Even though she has seen me make several things she never thought I could make dresses since we bought them.  The dress up ones usually came in the mail because I found some killer deals online.  It took her awhile to form her mind around the fact that I could whip up costumes.

I'm not sure this is a good thing.

A master list has been created.  She has been asking me to whip up every dress she sees.  We watched Enchanted for the first time this week and every dress Gisele was in, she now wants.  I told her that we should probably make a list since the list keeps growing.  So she sat down this morning and wrote one out for me.

Her cursive writing.

The top one is "the white dress, the blue dress and the pink dress that Gisele has"  and the second line is "A Belle dress that is NOT scratchy".  Followed up with "A witches dress like the ones that Winny, Mary, or Sarah wears".  She asked me when we were going to go fabric shopping and get started on all of her dresses.  I had to stall her by telling her we had to find patterns and that takes awhile.

I need a team of mice and birds to help me get sewing all the dresses.  Anyone know where I can find some sewing furry woodland creatures?  Singing is optional.

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