Friday, August 10, 2012

The Wager

The challenge has been thrown down.

The wager was made.

The terms have been accepted.

The other night I was searching for motivation.  I've been struggling more than a little lately with getting back on the health wagon.  While I'm on it, I do pretty well until stress knocks me off and I find myself falling on my butt waiting to find the motivation to get back on.  Trying to get Hubby to participate with me is even more of a challenge.  The other night he came up with a little wager.  We have a small amount of money saved and which ever one of us loses the most weight by Christmas gets the pot.  Although at this point it's more bragging rights.  We both can get kind of competitive.  In the end we will both be a bit healthier and one of us will have a little more cash in their pocket.  I don't really see a down side to this situation, unless I lose.  And then I'm going to be a bit grumpy.  But I don't plan on losing.  I plan on winning.

It is so on!      

1 comment:

  1. I am cheering for you both! No matter what, you both win. :)