Thursday, September 13, 2012

Supposed To Be Mary

I was a little curious if my darling Clover would start to recognize some of her favorite actors and actresses from the "I've seen more than once" movie collection.  I know that some studios like to use the same people in different roles.  I'm not exactly sure what her thoughts are about movies.  I'm not sure if she believes they are real or not.  We have talked about shows and theater and she knows that they are actors putting on a show on stage but I'm not sure about movies on a screen.

The first thought was during Muppets.  I was wondering if she was going to recognize that Gisele and Mary where both the same person, Amy Adams.  She didn't seem to make the connection.

Then my friend asked about Johnny Depp.  We know him as The Mad Hatter.  He is even on one of our most favorite blankets.  So she asked if Clover recognized him as Jack Sparrow since we have just started watching Pirates.  We talked about the similarities between the characters.  So far Clover hasn't noticed that the same person is two of her very favorite characters.

So I figured that since there are differences in the characters that she hasn't figured out that they are played by the same person.  Then the other day we saw the preview for The Five Year Engagement which stars Jason Segal.  We know Jason Segal as Gary from the Muppets movie.  The preview was less than three minutes long but after it was over she ran up to me and declared with a fierceness that only a four year old can express...

"MOM!  He is supposed to marry MARY!  Not that OTHER girl!  Why is he with her?  HE IS SUPPOSED TO MARRY MARY!"  

If I was her I would be more concerned with the lack of Muppets in the preview.

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