Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I See Disney People

People watching at the Big D is just another added perk to admission to the park.  There are so many people in one place that you are bound to find some jewels.  Both positively and OMG.

Positively:  In the morning when you first get to the park there is a sense of community almost.  You are all there for the same reason...to have a blast.  Everyone has had breakfast and is ready to go.  Kids are awake and excited.  Adults are awake for the most part and happy that their kids are excited.  They can't wait to show their kids all of their favorites in hope that they will love them too.

Everyone is cute and styled.  Some of us more cute than others.  Yeah I'm looking at you totally cute mother of two who wore a dress and naturally looked fabulous.  I don't hate you...I'm just jealous.  

OMG:  Towards dinner time you get to experience another group.  The slightly-crashing-blood-sugar-cranky-should-have-taken-a-nap crowd.  These people are easy to deal with when you recognize that they have pushed themselves to far and they are not just being mean for the sake of being mean.  Their kids are whiney and crashing too.  Excitement has got a hold on them, leading them to the point of exhaustion, to the meltdown point.  There are quite a few that reach this point around dinner time.  That's when you hear a lot of the cranky parents with the "If you don't stop crying...we're going back to the hotel!" threat.  I get that Disneyland is expensive and you want to get every last penny out of your trip (it takes a lot of funds to keep the park so clean).  But for the sake of your sanity and your kids mood take a break.  Even if they are older it's good to take a meal break, and take lots of snacks.  You burn a lot of energy doing all that walking.

Then there are the people that figure that since they paid so much for admission that they can now do whatever they want.  These are my least favorite people.  Do they not realize that you also paid the exact same amount to get into the park as well?  These are the rude-obnoxious-litter-bugs-line-cutters.

Oh and some of the fashion choices.  It's almost like a game.  Yes, there are the cuties in the park who always look amazing.  There are the ones with all their D-gear on and they look cute too.  Then there is the group that for some reason or another has chosen some very questionable clothing.  If you can call some of it clothing.  For the record, a white button up shirt with the sides and back cut out so basically you are just sporting the sleeves with a black bra doesn't really qualify as "clothing".  I get that you want to show off what your momma gave you but my kid is asking what happened to your shirt.  What do I tell her?  Maybe that you got stuck on pirates and are going for the shipwrecked look?

There was an entire paragraph here on the importance of "support".  That sentence pretty much stands on it's own, no need for extra verbage.

The cast members are always great, so they are "positive" category.   Sometimes if you get there before your morning cup of coffee they seem a little too positive.  Starbucks employees got nothin on a Morning Shift Disneyland Cast Member.  

I don't want the OMG section to be bigger than the Positively category.  Or for anyone to think that one category is better than the other.  Disneyland is awesome, the people just enhance or put a damper on the experience.  Overall we always have a great time.  It's always fun to compare stories when we get home.

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