Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A New Found Love

After reading a half a dozen food blogs I decided that I was going to go out and see what all the fuss was about.  I attended my first local Farmer's Market.  I guess in my head I had thought that the prices where too high.  All those economics classes teach you that the higher the turn around the cheaper the price, so wouldn't the grocery store have better prices?  They see more customers in an hour than people see at the Farmer's Market all day.  Here is where I admit that my loosely based theory was wrong.

We hit a couple of tables where they had $1 per pound specials.  So I bought a bag here and a bag there.  I bought some cherry tomatoes because my daughter thought she should try some.  We hit the strawberry table and Clover went nuts.  Thankfully I had a friend with me who didn't mind keeping an eye on her while I eyed produce.  Clover really thought it was an all you can snack buffet.  She was so happy when she got to pick her own grapes.  I don't remember the name of them but they really do look like little blueberries.  They are delicious!  The early Thompsons I picked up where also yummy.  They were sweet but a little tart at the end.  Just the way I like them.

I consider myself a Foodie.  I love to try new things and have been known to browse Whole Foods and Trader Joe's just for fun.  I am totally kicking myself for not taking full advantage of my local farmers sooner.  The quality of what we got is phenomenal!

I had a moment where I wondered if there was a difference in taste.  This was before I got home and tried all of my goodies.  We bought two large tomatoes and a bunch of cilantro for salsa.  I made fresh salsa this afternoon.  Without even thinking, I grabbed a handful of my local farm cilantro and threw it in with my fix ins like I always do with my grocery store stuff.  Within minutes it was evident that I used way too much.  This stuff was potent.  It had tons of flavor.  Of course I ate it all anyways because I love cilantro.  I just want prepared for kick.  It was totally like "IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW, HEY I'M CILANTRO".

I'm having a "Where has this been all my life?" moment.  Oh yeah, it's been there and I have been at home twiddling my thumbs missing all this deliciousness!  Without a doubt I can tell you I will be back next week to see what goodies they have out.

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