Saturday, August 20, 2011

Juju's Whirlwind Tour

When Hubs asked us if we wanted to go I thought it would be a good idea.  Hubs had two days of meetings and I figured Clover and I could have a mini vacation.

And then I remembered that big cities are on the short list of things Juju Doesn't Do.  You see, I grew up in a farm town and surrounding small cities.  You can go ahead and insert jokes about me being a hick here.  You wouldn't be the first clever person to come up with those all on your own.  We moved to the "big city" when I was in the 6th grade.  Then I got older and realized that my big city is small compared to the rest of the world.

I am always in awe when I travel because I can't wrap my head around big city living.  There are plenty of things for us to do as a tourist but I can't wrap my head around how they do normal things like grocery shopping.  I didn't spot one single grocery store while we were there and to go to the office depot you had to park in a four story parking garage.  Navigating through San Francisco traffic left me on the verge of tears.  I can see why everyone walks everywhere.  We parked the car at the hotel and left it there for two and half days.  On the first day Clover and I borrowed a stroller from the hotel.  Which I didn't know they had until I read the hotel guide.  We walked around the neighborhood and checked out the sights.  We found a park and a free concert.

Waiting for Yerba Buena Concert Series

I wish I had taken a camera.  After packing for three people including work clothes for the hubby I forgot the touristy stuff like a camera.  All the pictures I took were on my cell phone.  All that walking and dancing left us starving.  So we walked around to find something suitable for lunch and found Mo's Grill.  My hamburger was awesome!    

Plain Cheeseburger with literally a mountain of garlic fries.

Clover demolished hers and started to attack her plain fries with a lake full of catsup.

We found a playground and played and explored for a bit.  Then we headed over to Zeum.  A local children's museum.  

Zeum is undergoing some construction and looks as if they are reopening under a different name.  They had some cool stuff for older kids to do and a few things for littler ones but not a whole lot to do for the in-between.  Clover enjoyed herself.  She especially loved the Special Effects slide.  It was a green slide and as they went down it you could choose a digital background and it shows you on a tv screen.  I think Clovers favorite was the fish tank.  She really seemed to like it so I don't want to bash the place but they seem a bit over priced to me for what they offer.  Maybe if Clover was older we could have taken advantage of all of the booths.  We did take full advantage of the music video booth.  

After the Zeum we went back to the room for a brief visit with the hubs before he headed back out.  We ordered dinner and dessert.  After we watched some terrible hotel tv, we crashed.  There was a few meltdowns while watching hotel tv.  My darling daughter is used to netflix.  We can watch whatever we want, whenever we want.  She had a hard time understanding that while traveling I can't control what we watch.  

On Day two we hung out and got breakfast.  We had three hours to kill in-between checking out and Hubby getting out of his meeting.  After browsing some guide books we narrowed it down to catching a movie or catching a bus.  I let Clover pick.  She picked the bus.

We jumped on the double decker downtown loop bus.

A display of vintage sewing machines.  

Union Square
Bay Bridge.

The tour guide was pretty nice.  You pay for the tour but the pass is valid for 48 hours and you can hop on or off at any of their stops.  So you could buy a pass and just take the bus all over San Francisco for two days.  You would never have to drive.  Had I known this I would have taken it the day before.  If we ever go back I will have to keep that in mind.  I'm not in a rush to go back after dealing with all the traffic.  It was gnarly.  

Over all I had a great time with my daughter jaunting all around town.  She tells me all the time now that she LOOOOVES San Francisco.  I'm so glad she is adventurous!  I regret not walking down Market and hitting up some shops.  I will put that on the list for next time.      

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