Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beyond the Whine

The last week or so has been very interesting around these parts.  I keep telling myself it's a phase but with each passing day it just seems to get worse.  We are half a year into the threes.  I thought I was good surviving the so called terrible twos.  But let me tell you...the twos ain't got nothing on the threes.

Whining has taken over the house along with the classic "But I Waaaaaaant it" wail.  She stops just short of throwing herself on the ground and kicking her feet.  I however after dealing with all of this want to throw myself down and start kicking my feet.  I restrain myself because I don't want to set a bad example.  The thought has occurred to me...

That I am much too lenient with her.

I realized this today and it has put me in a foul mood of sorts.  It's just one more of those parent things that we have to learn along the way.  I know that correcting the problems at this point are going to be twice as hard.  Letting things slide every now and then has slowly added up.

I know that I am not only her first role model but also one of her first teachers.  Some rules need to be laid out and enforced.  This has been the hard part for me.  I somewhere thought there was a balance between coddling and discipline.  If there is, I sure as heck haven't found it yet.  It's hard.  I get it.  Especially when your little red headed cutie apologizes and looks at you with those beautiful eyes while telling you it won't happen again, then kisses you.  My heart melts.

My job as her Mommy includes guiding her.  Part of that also includes helping her figure out acceptable and appropriate behaviors.  This is the part I need to work on and I acknowledge that.  I see that as the first step forward.

Time for Mommy to start making baby steps.


  1. What I wouldn't give to go back to the terrible two's and three's. The teenage years have put one foot deeper in the grave. Not to scare you or give you anxiety. But, trust me, enjoy it while you can!

  2. I'm already scared. :) Thanks for some perspective tho!