Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today is a day for the history books folks!  Today was the day that I introduced my darling Clover to the super delicious awesomeness that is Mcdee's chicken nuggets dipped in honey!

"What is this mom!?!"  bewildered and amazed.

"It's chicken nuggets and honey baby"



"This is awesome!"

I know right?  For some reason the whole chicken nuggets and honey thing doesn't translate well with other fast food places.  I tried once with some other nuggets and was disappointed.  It just wasn't the same. It has to be Mcdonalds.

And I know she is three and almost a half...why hasn't she tried this awesomeness before?  Because she is very loyal to her cheeseburgers.  I asked her what she wanted while we navigated through Target.  Cheeseburger vs Chicken nuggets is always a serious decision.  I asked her three times total and got the nuggets answer.  So, we loaded up Rojo Grande and she fell asleep in the back seat before we hit the drive through.  I ordered nuggets to share and she still asked where her cheeseburger was when we got home and she looked in the bag.  Once the nugget hit the honey however, all questions about the cheeseburger ceased.

It's not just awesome, it's McAwesome (sorry I just couldn't resist).  What do you like on your nuggets?

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  1. I have to say that you got my hooked on sweet and sour instead of plain ole bbq sauce!!!