Friday, July 29, 2011

Cheese With That?

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Why, Yes, Yes I would.  Maybe some Brie with dried cherries and pecans.  Or maybe some really good Gouda.

I am a big o'whiney hot mess right now.  What I initially thought was allergies was not allergies and has turned out to be a nasty little cold.  It started out as a head cold and has now moved down my throat into my chest leaving me with a burning and the feeling that little tiny bee bees are rattling around in there when I cough, ricocheting all around.  Whenever I blow my nose my ears plug up and now I get dizzy.  

I'm trying not to sit around all day.  Yesterday I got it in my head that I wanted a smoothie and that turned out a mess in itself.  I spilled half my darling Clover's Strawberry Whirl all over the back seat of my Hubby's new car.  I had a minute where I was about to have a total meltdown.  I had convinced myself that  smoothies in the car would be fine.  It was totally my fault and I admit that.  I was sick and all I wanted was a darn Purely Pineapple.  So instead of crying, I drove right over to the car wash and gave them my sad story and they totally came through for me.

Of course I was honest with my husband and told him.  I was going to anyways but my tattling little daughter decided she was going to break the news to him first.  Of course when she told the story it was ALLL over the back seat and not just the passenger side.  She tells stories like her Daddy!  I still got the disapproving look when I told him but I think he took pity on me since I was a hot mess yesterday too.  I think he was happy that his car was cleaned and detailed too, despite the reason why.

Usually I work through whatever is bothering me but this cold has knocked me on my butt-butt!  I'm trying really hard not to sit around all day eating ice cream.  I feel guilty for having the TV on but I really have no energy to do anything else.

Right now I am still in my jammies.  My coffee is gone.  My hair is unbrushed and I smell like Vicks (the cream kind not the vaseline kind).  I'm not seeing very much getting done today but as much as I want to sit on the couch, guilt will eventually get the best of me and I will at least do a round of dishes and probably laundry.  Although I still want a smoothie, staying at home is probably in my best interest for today.

I am very appreciative that the timing of my cold was this week and not last.  I would have hated to be wondering around Disneyland with this.  So thats a positive.  Another positive is that the average cold only lasts 10 days or a week and half.  A couple more days and I should be somewhat functional and a few more days after that and I should be back to my normal less whiney self!

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  1. get better juju...a sick juju is not a fun juju!!!